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The Department for Theoretical Physics brings together several working teams with research focused on:
  • Strongly correlated electron systems and high-temperature superconductors;
  • Quantum dots; Physics at nanoscale;
  • Statistical physics of relaxor ferroelectrics and dipolar glasses;
  • Coupled dynamical systems; Complex networks;
  • Self-assembly of nanosize materials into largescale structures;
  • Soft matter: Liquid crystals; Colloids; Biomolecules;
  • Electrostatic interactions in complex fluids;
  • Physics of DNA;
  • Density functional methods in physics of surfaces and nanowires;
  • Nuclear and atomic three body problem; Quasilinearization;
  • Effective mesonic and quark models;
  • Flavour physics; CP violation;
  • Searches for signals of new physics in interactions of heavy hadrons;
  • Quantum chromodynamics on the lattice;
  • Unifications of fundamental interactions;
  • Relativistic theories of membranes;
Most of the research in these groups relies on intensive use of numerical computation. Over the years this Department develped a strong computing center. Besides the fundamental research problems, Department hosts different applied projects and provides an education support for young researchers. Members of the Department are involved in variety of international projects collaborating with collegues from USA, EU, Russia, India, Japan,...
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Phys. Rev. A 98...
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10 Oct, 2018 Abroad:
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