Proceedings of the Mini-Workshop Bled 1999: "Hadrons as solitons"

"First we discover the charm and the beauty, then uncover tops and bottoms, and finally go up and down."

[ Markiv Inos, The improper quark classification scheme, from the Proceedings of the II International Workshop on The Nature of the Substructure, Blazno Lep, July 6-17, 1999 ]

All contributions are in gzipped postscript.

L. Amoreira: Recoil effects in the calculation of the Delta electroproduction amplitudes
E. R. Arriola: On the structure functions of mesons and baryons in a chiral quark model
W. Broniowski: Gauging non-local quark models
A. J. Buchmann: Relations between electromagnetic form factors of baryons
A. Drago: Time reversal in chiral lagrangian and single-spin asymmetries
H. Forkel: Bag models with fuzzy boundaries
B. Golli: Soliton formation in chiral quark models
D. Klabucar: Axial-anomaly-dominated processes of pseudoscalars and a modern constituent quark model
W. Plessas: Effective degrees of freedom in light and strange baryons beyond the scale of spontaneous chiral symmetry breaking
G. Ripka: Solitons in non-local chiral quark models
M. Rosina: Bound states of two heavy mesons: the D-D and B-B "molecules"
S. Sirca: Axial form factor of the nucleon in LSM and CDM
V. Soni: Elementarity and compositeness in field theories of Nature
Fl. Stancu: Stability of multiquark systems
R. F. Wagenbrunn: Chiral constituent-quark model for light and strange baryons

All presently available contributions (11 out of 15) in one .ps.gz file (534kb).

Printed edition: not available.