Bled is easily reached by road (motorway from Austria - Karawankentunnel, or Italy-Trieste-Ljubljana), by air (Ljubljana Airport is 30 km from Bled), by rail (line Salzburg-Villach-Lesce/Bled-Ljubljana) and by bus from Ljubljana. We shall do our best to pick up the participants at the Airport and at the Bled Railway station.

If you're arriving by car, you might consider the following advices:

(The Brnik Airport is denoted by the blue airplane icon north of Ljubljana, and Bled is about 30 kilometers to the northwest.) From Italy, the best way by car is via Trieste, Postojna, Ljubljana, Kranj (possible traffic jams on road-toll stations and construction sites in the vicinity of Ljubljana). From Germany and western Austria, use the Autobahn from Villach and the Karavanke-Tunnel to Jesenice and Bled. From eastern Austria, the Maribor, Celje, Ljubljana, Kranj, Bled should be relatively painless. From Croatia, follow the usual Zagreb-Ljubljana highway. Below is the map of Bled's immediate surroundings. NB: Take the road Jesenice-Radovljica and turn right when it says `Bled'.

If you arrive by train, the station to get off is Lesce-Bled (LESCE close to Radovljica on the map). If there is no local bus available to Bled (ask at the train station), take a taxi. Once you get to Bled, you only have to find the Plemelj's Villa (see map below). Coming by car, the main road to Bled ascends a slope for about 1 kilometer. When the road straightens out after another couple of 100 metres (green circle), there is a petrol station (blue circle below the letter B at the right side of the map) followed by another block of houses. When the road starts to descend again, there is a rather busy crossroads (small red circle): you turn to the right (directions: Gorje, Hotel Jelovica). The road goes downhill for a short while, and after about 1 kilometer you are at the Plemelj's Villa (large red circle). When in doubt, just ask for Hotel Jelovica, Park Hotel or the central bus station which are all in the immediate vicinity of the Villa.

Click here for a more detailed map of Bled (150k) and the surroundings of Villa Plemelj (53k)