The meeting will gather experts in theoretical description of correlated electron systems. The subject of interests include correlated metals, high-temperature superconductors, spin-liquids, influence of the spin-orbit coupling. We will discuss not only the progress in the understanding of the ground state properties and the transport properties in near-equilibrium conditions, but also the recent lines of investigation that focus on correlated matter under strong bias or driven out-of-equilibrium by other means.


strongly correlated electron systems
electronic transport
spin-orbit coupling
nonequilibrium properties
spin liquids

Conference fee is 200 euros. Participation is by invitation only. If you were not invited, but would like to participate in the conference, please write to one of the organizers.

Organizing comitee:
J. Bonca
J. Mravlje
A. Ramsak
L. Vidmar

Conference e-mail:
Important dates
Workshop starts June 6 2018
Workshop ends June 8 2018