Forthcoming Seminars at F-1

11 Dec 2018
Lucas Hackl (MPQ Garching)Low energy spectra from variational tangent planes
Variational methods are extensively used to study properties of ground states and low excited states. By focusing on a suitable sub-manifold of states, we can overcome the exponential growth of the Hilbert space with the system size. In this talk, I will introduce a geometric framework to approximate the low lying energy spectrum by studying the linearized Hamiltonian flow on the tangent plane at the ground state. The spectrum is then given by the eigenvalues of the covariant derivative on the variational manifold. Using the paradigmatic Bose-Hubbard model as an example, I will discuss advantages compared to methods based on directly diagonalizing the Hamiltonian restricted to the tangent plane.

Seminar room for physics (JSI main building)

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21 Nov 2017
Jan SkolimowskiZigzag-chain domain walls facilitate metalisation of the Mott insulator on a triangular lattice
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24 Oct 2017
Friedrich KrienConservation in strongly correlated systems - A practical viewpoint
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10 Oct 2017
Denis GolezManipulation of band gap upon photoexcitation of an excitonic insulator
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27 Jun 2017
Ana VranicThermodynamics and electron transport on a triangular lattice - comparison between Lanczos and DMFT
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4 Apr 2017
Rok ZitkoInfinite U Hubbard model in infinite dimensions: transport in the low-T regime
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22 Mar 2017
Markus AichhornStrong Correlations and Spin-Orbit Coupling: From Materials to Models
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7 Mar 2017
Alen HorvatSpin-orbit coupling in multi-orbital impurity models and its relevance for transition metal-oxides
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26 Jan 2017
Daniel BauernfeindFork Tensor Product States - Efficient Three Orbital Real Time DMFT Solver
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