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23 Dec 2010Sasa PrelovsekLattice QCD simulations of X,Y,Z and light scalar mesons
conference: Hadrons, Lattice QCD and ChPTGraz, AustriaInvited Talk

13 Dec 2010Sasa PrelovsekLattice QCD searches for tetraquarks and mesonic molecules
Universite Paris SudParis, FranceInvited Talk

3 Dec 2010Jernej F. KamenikSearching for New Physics with Top Quark Decays
IFAE, Univ. Autonoma BarcelonaBarcelonaSeminar

15 Nov 2010Sasa PrelovsekLattice QCD searches for tetraquarks and mesonic molecules
Bonn UniversityBonn, GermanyInvited Talk
Invitation by prof. Akaki Rusetsky and Ulf Meissner

11 Nov 2010Svjetlana FajferLight colored scalar in flavor dynamics and grand unified theories
Flavor Physics in the LHC EraSingaporeInvited Talk

22 Oct 2010Jernej F. KamenikVub and weak annihilation in inclusive semileptonic D/Ds decays
Charm2010IHEP, BeijingInvited Talk

7 Oct 2010Jure KokaljFinite temperature dynamical DMRG and spinon deconfinement
University of BirminghamBirmingham, UKSeminar

5 Oct 2010Nejc KošnikDiscovery of the fourth generation
VII meeting on B physicsLAL, OrsayInvited Talk

4 Oct 2010Jernej F. KamenikNew Physics in Rare B Decays
VII Meeting on B PhysicsOrsay, FranceInvited Talk

4 Oct 2010Bosiljka TadicUser Communities and Emotional Behavior in Cyberspace
Future Internet and Society: A Complex Systems PerspectiveAcquafredda di Maratea, ItalyInvited Talk
European Science Foundation Research Conference
...The complexity of the current Internet structure and its future developments cannot be understood without taking a full multi-disciplinary approach. Such an approach must necessarily be based on the science of complex systems, and in particular complex network theory. It must also depend on social sciences and humanities to elucidate the underpinnings of the Internet at a societal and economic level. ... more...

15 Sep 2010Bosiljka TadicCollective Emotional Behavior on Blogs: Data-Driven Modeling and Theoretical Survey
High-Throughput-Humanities: Satellite meeting of the ECCS 2010LisbonContributed Talk
The ECCS’10 European Conference on Complex Systems was held in Lisbon, Portugal, an organization of the Complex Systems Society. more...

15 Sep 2010Matej PavsicOrthogonal and Symplectic Clifford Algebras in Quantum Field Theory
VI Mathematical Physics Meeting: Summer School and Conference on Modern Mathematical PhysicsBelgrade, SerbiaInvited Talk

8 Sep 2010Jernej F. KamenikTheory of B->l nu and B->D tau nu
CKM2010WarwickInvited Talk

8 Sep 2010Marija MitrovicAgent Based Model of User Behaviour on Emergent Networks
Cyberemotions workshop at Ecole polytechnique federale de LausanneLausanne SwitzerlandContributed Talk

7 Sep 2010Jernej F. KamenikTheory of b->s/d nu nu
CKM2010WarwickInvited Talk

30 Aug 2010Marija MitrovicPatterns of User Behavior and Community Structure on Blogs
Turunc Workshop on Complex Systems 2010Turunc TurkeyInvited Talk
Online communications on Blogs and similar Web portals contain valuable information from which one can analyze emerging social phenomena on the Web. The user interaction is mediated by posted material (text of posts and comments), which indicates importance of their contents in the dynamics of blogging. We present data analysis by mapping onto bipartite networks with users and posts and comments as two natural partitions, which provides a tool for detecting user communities as topological structures on these networks. Furthermore, by applying machine learning methods for classification of the emotional contents of the text of posts and comments related to each particular community, we are able to study the role of emotions expressed in the text for user interactions over time. We detect robust patterns in user behavior, in particular with respect to the emotional contents of the posts, which underlies the structure and the evolution of these communities. more...

6 Jul 2010Jernej F. KamenikPrecision flavor observables and their implications for the minimal flavor violation paradigm
6th Open Meeting of the Belle II CollaborationTsokubaInvited Talk

6 Jul 2010Svjetlana FajferLight colored scalars and the up quarks phenomenology
Third Workshop on Theory, Phenomenology and Experiments in Heavy Flavour Physics (Capri 2010)Capri, ItalyInvited Talk

5 Jul 2010Sasa PrelovsekLattice QCD simulations of X,Y,Z and light scalar mesons
workshop: Dressing HadronsBled, SlovenijaInvited Talk

23 Jun 2010Jernej F. KamenikLepton Energy Moments in Semileptonic Charm Decays
BEACH 2010PerugiaContributed Talk

14 Jun 2010Marija MitrovicUser Communities and emotions on popular stories
SCL Institute of physicsBelgrade, SerbiaSeminar
Given the social media revolution the field of complex networks, we now have the opportunity to exploit vast amounts of data that can be downloaded from web portals, such as the BBC blog, B92 blog, social networks, Facebook, Myspace, and consumer and product reviews portals like Amazon, IMDb and analyze the behavior of users (whose identity is protected), specifically the emotional content by using a specific set of techniques for text processing and filtering. The emotions are classed as positive, negative or neutral. Social Media data can be represented by bipartite networks and their Projections and systematical detection of communities are based on Eigenvalue Spectral Analysis Method. more...

8 Jun 2010Jernej F. KamenikDrell-Yan production of heavy vectors in Higgs-less models
Physics at the LHC 2010DESY, HamburgContributed Talk

7 Jun 2010Rasa PircMagnetic Switching of Relaxor Ferroelectrics: Theory
CIMTEC 2010Montecatini Terme, ItalyInvited Talk
Conference details and related Symposiums more...

1 Jun 2010Jernej F. KamenikSignals of Low Scale I & III See-Saw Models
Planck 2010CERN, GenevaContributed Talk

1 Jun 2010Matej PavsicOn the Steuckelberg Like Generalization of General Relativity
The 7th Biennial Conference on Classical and Quantum Relativistic Dynamics of Particles and FieldsHualien, TaiwanInvited Talk

27 May 2010Marija MitrovicNetwork structure and emotions on popular posts
Second annual meeting COST MP0801 Physics of competition and conflictsSunny Beach, BulgariaContributed Talk
Conference topics include: 1. Information and Knowledge 2. Agents including Game Theory 3. Complex Networks 4. Evolution and co-evolution 5. Technology and Risk Management more...

27 May 2010Jernej F. KamenikInclusive semileptonic D decays and the heavy quark expansion
FPCP 2010TorinoInvited Talk

5 May 2010Jernej F. KamenikAspects of Rare Top Quark Decays
Waiting for the LHC: Electroweak and Flavour DynamicsTUM-IASInvited Talk

23 Mar 2010Bosiljka TadicCollective Critical States and Emotions in User Communities on Blogs and Diggs
COSI-ICT CYBEREMOTIONS project Review MeetingBrussels, Av. de Beaulieu 33Invited Talk
Review meeting of the Project CYBEREMOTIONS: Collective Emotions in Cyberspace...

11 Mar 2010Bosiljka TadicRaise and Fall of Cyber Communities
Processes on Networks: Hunting for Universality in Social, Economical and Biological NetworksMedical University of ViennaInvited Talk
Based on the high-resolution data from Blogs and Diggs mapped onto bipartite networks and text screening for the presence of emotional contents, we present the methodology for systematic detection of the emerging user communities in Cyberspace and find underlying reasons for their temporal fluctuations... more...

11 Mar 2010Marija MitrovicBipartite network analysis reveals the role of emotion in comments on Digg stories
Processes on Networks: Hunting for Universality in Social, Economical and Biological NetworksMedical University of ViennaInvited Talk
The natural occurring partitions of Users and Posts and Comments on Digg stories allows us to effectively represent the data with bipartite networks from this Cyber-community. Analysis of bipartite networks together with the emotional content of texts reveals the relations between user behavior patterns and expressed emotions in their comments. more...

4 Feb 2010Sasa PrelovsekLattice QCD simulations of X,Y,Z and light scalar mesons
Excited QCD 2010Tatra National Park, SlovakiaInvited Talk

21 Jan 2010Marija MitrovicEmotions and user communities in Blogs and Diggs
CyberEmotions Woorkshop at Wolverhampton UniversityWolverhampton, UKInvited Talk
Workshop of the Project CYBEREMOTIONS devoted to reports on current research progress of the collaborating teams (where M. Mitrovic was representing the IJS team), with the emphasis on Data structure and Data analysis... more...

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