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25 Nov 2011Jernej F. KamenikImplications of the LHCb Evidence for Charm CP Violation.

28 Oct 2011Bosiljka TadicStructure and function of colloidal assemblies: numerical modeling approach
4th IRUN Symposium on nanotechnologyRadboud University Nijmegen, the NetherlandsInvited Talk

23 Oct 2011Svjetlana FajferSignatures of leptoquarks in low-energy phenomenology
Workshop on Baryon & Lepton Number ViolationGatlinburg, Tennessee, USAInvited Talk

22 Sep 2011Borut BajcSupersymmetry breaking and proton decay
Workshop on Baryon & Lepton Number ViolationGatlinburg, Tennessee, USAInvited Talk

20 Sep 2011Jernej F. KamenikTop Quarks at the LHC
Beyond the Standard Model: Results with the 7 TeV LHC Collision DataICTP, TriesteInvited Talk

12 Sep 2011Bosiljka TadicAgents in your space: dynamics & emotion spreading in social networks
ECCS11 European Conference on Complex SystemsViennaInvited Talk

30 Aug 2011Jernej F. KamenikTop quark physics and the top quark FB asymmetry
Flavor OriginsAspen Institute for PhysicsTutorial Lecture

23 Jul 2011Nejc KošnikScalar diquark in ttbar production and constraints on Yukawa sector of grand unified theories
EPSGrenoble, FranceInvited Talk

21 Jul 2011Svjetlana FajferQCD effects and search for new physics in t−>bW
International Conference on High Energy PhysicsGrenobleSelected Talk

6 Jul 2011Rok ŽitkoAdsorbed magnetic atoms from the perspective of the numerical renormalization group (NRG) method
MPI für FestkörperforschungStuttgartSeminar

1 Jul 2011Rasa PircElectrocaloric Effect in Relaxor Ferroelectrics: Theory and Experiment
European Meeting on Ferroelectricity (EMF 12th )Bordeaux, FranceSelected Talk

28 Jun 2011Bosiljka TadicModelling Structure of Colloidal Assemblies: Methodology and Examples
International Conference on Computational and Mathematical Methods in Science and EgineeringAlicante, SpainInvited Talk

1 Jun 2011Jernej F. Kamenikorward-Backward t tbar Asymmetry from Anomalous Stop Pair Production
Planck 2011IST, Lisboa, PortugalSelected Talk

30 May 2011Jernej F. KamenikTop LHCb Physics
timini Weizmann WorkshopWeizmann Institute, IsraelInvited Talk

24 May 2011Jernej F. KamenikNew physics and top: theory
FPCP 2011Kibbutz Maale Hachamisha, IsraelInvited Talk

19 May 2011Bosiljka TadicEmotions in Social Networks: Data Analysis and Agent-Based Modeling
Third Annual Meeting and Conference of the COST Action MP0801Eindhoven, NetherlandsContributed Talk
COST Action MP0801: Physics of Competition and Conflicts The COST MP0801 network seeks to promote research interdisciplinary interchanges (physics, sociology, economics, etc) centered around the concepts of agents, games, and networks. Applications of interest to members include competition between firms, mergers and acquisitions, evolutionary dynamics, cultural change and transportation networks, etc. A full description of the project can be found at the web site of the action. Themes of this Cost action addressed at the annual meeting are divided in Working Groups (WG): 1. Information and Knowledge, 2. Agents including Game Theory, 3. Complex Networks, 4. Evolution and co-evolution, 5. Technology and Risk Management.... more...

27 Apr 2011Svjetlana FajferTheoretical Overview on New Physics in Charm Decays
The 479. WE-Heraeus-Seminar onBad HonnefInvited Talk

21 Apr 2011Bosiljka TadicTheoretical concepts for dynamic force spectroscopy of molecular complexes
Symposium of Condensed Matter Physics SFKM2011Belgrade, SerbiaInvited Talk

20 Apr 2011Nejc KošnikGlobal analysis of meson mixings and EW precision observables in 4th generation SM
GDR Terascale@LyonLyon, FranceInvited Talk

19 Apr 2011Marija MitrovicNetwork-Based Methodology for Analysis of Complex Systems: Theory and Applications
Symposium of Condensed Matter Ohysics SFKM2011Belgrade, SerbiaPoster

13 Apr 2011Nejc KošnikCombined analysis of meson mixings and EW precision observables in 4th generation SM
Portoroz 2011: The Role of Heavy Fermions in Fundamental PhysicsPortorožInvited Talk

5 Apr 2011Svjetlana FajferTheory Overview of Charm Physics
Beuaty 2011AmsterdamInvited Talk

31 Mar 2011Bosiljka TadicModels of collective emotions dynamics and identification of the emergent patterns of behavior on bipartite networks constructed from real data
COSI-ICT CYBEREMOTIONS Project Review MeetingBrusselsInvited Talk

29 Mar 2011Jernej F. KamenikImplications of the Forward-Backward Asymmetry Measurements in Top Pair Production at the Tevatron for New Physics Searches at the LHC

16 Mar 2011Jernej F. KamenikTop polarisation at LHC and new physics
Moriond EW 2011La Thuile, ItalyInvited Talk

15 Mar 2011Jure KokaljFTD-DMRG and spinon deconfinement in quantum spin chains
University of QueenslandBrisbane, AustraliaSeminar

15 Feb 2011Svjetlana FajferLight colored scalars and the up quarks phenomenology
Universite de Paris-Sud, FranceLaboratoire de Physique TheoriqueSeminar

31 Jan 2011Jernej F. KamenikSearching for New Physics with Top Quark Decays
Weizmann InstituteRehovot, IsraelSeminar

31 Jan 2011Rasa PircElectrocaloric Effect in Relaxor Ferroelectrics: Theory and Experiment
Fundamnetal Physics of Ferroelectrics and Related Materials FERRO2011NIST, Gaithersburg, MD, USA,Selected Talk
The 2011 conference will bring together computational materials theorists, condensed matter theorists, and experimentalists to highlight this decade of advances in the investigation and understanding of these active materials, especially their strong cross-coupled responses to electric, magnetic, and stress fields. Topics will include new ferroelectric materials, multiferroics, piezoelectrics and electro-mechanical response, multifunctional materials, morphotropic phase boundary systems, relaxor ferroelectrics, ferroelectric films and superlattices, interface effects.... Presentations will be a mix of invited and oral presentations, selected from the submitted abstracts, and posters.
Presented research: in collaboration with Z. Kutnjak and R. Blinc more...

14 Jan 2011Nejc KošnikLight Colored Scalar as Messenger of Up-Quark Flavor Dynamics in Grand Unified Theories
Rencontre de Physique des Particules 2011Clermont-Ferrand, FranceContributed Talk

23 Jul, 2018 Abroad:
Tutorial Lecture
Nejc Košnik...
18 Jul, 2018 Abroad:
Contributed Talk
Nejc Košnik...
18 Jul, 2018 Abroad:
Plenary Lecture
Svjetlana Fajfer...
3 Jul, 2018 Abroad:
Invited Talk
Svjetlana Fajfer...
2 Jul, 2018 Seminar:
Jul 4: Spin-orbit coup...
Minjae Kim...
27 Jun, 2018 Abroad:
Invited Talk
Bosiljka Tadic...
22 Jun, 2018 Seminar:
Jun 26: The three-body ...
Milovan Šuvakov...
20 Jun, 2018 Abroad:
Invited Talk
Jernej F. Kamenik...
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