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12 Dec 2013Jernej F. KamenikFlavor portals to the dark sector
TUM Institute for Advanced Study, MunichInvited Talk

10 Dec 2013Tilen ČadežGeometric phases and spin manipulation in a moving quantum dot
KITKarlsruhe, GermanySeminar

21 Nov 2013Jernej F. KamenikDark Side of Higgs Boson

19 Nov 2013Bosiljka TadicCan we talk? What Bots can do in our cyberspace and does it matter?
KNOWeSCAPE Analyzing the dynamics of information and knowledge landscapes: 1st annual conferenceHelsinki, FinlandInvited Talk
Ignite talk! more...

18 Nov 2013Bosiljka TadicNetwork Multiplexity in Online Chats
KNOWeSCAPE Analyzing the dynamics of information and knowledge landscapes: 1st annual conferenceHelsinki, FinlandSelected Talk
...with V. Gligorijevic and M. Suvakov more...

17 Oct 2013Jernej F. KamenikDark side of Higgs boson

14 Oct 2013Nejc KošnikTheory implications of rare charm decays
Implications of LHCb measurements and future prospectsCERN, GenevaInvited Talk

10 Oct 2013Bosiljka TadicSelf-organization and networking in online chats with users, agents and bots: A paradigm of new information dynamics
Games, Science and Society, Medical University Vienna and International Institute for Applied System AnalysisIIASA, Schloss Laxenburg, Vienna, AustriaInvited Talk
Games, Science and Society
How computer games, gamification and crowd sourcing influence and shape knowledge creation, science and its teaching more...

19 Sep 2013Bosiljka TadicCan online chats with Bot affect your behavior: Agent-based simulations with emotional Bots
ECCS2013 Satellite Meeting: Global Computing for our Complex Hyper-connected WorldBarcelona, SpainInvited Talk
in collaboration with V. Gligorijevic and M. Suvakov more...

19 Sep 2013V. GligorijevicMultiplex networks of online chats from empirical data and agent-based simulations
ECCS2013 Satellite Meeting: Multiplex Networks 2013: Towards the understanding of a complex worldBarcelona, SpainSelected Talk
in collaboration with M. Suvakov and B. Tadic more...

19 Sep 2013Bosiljka Tadic, Vladimir Gligorijevic, Milovan SuvakovOnline social networks: the structure of emotional dialogs
Theoretical Approaches to Bioinformation Systems: TABIS 2013Belgrade, SerbiaInvited Talk

4 Sep 2013Jernej F. KamenikTheory Summary
Charm 2013ManchesterPlenary Lecture

27 Aug 2013Bosiljka TadicAgent-Based Modeling of Emotional Communications in Online Social Networks: The Role of Offline Processes in Online Bursting Events
The international conference of applied mathematics, modeling and computational science AMMCS 2013Waterloo, Ontario, CanadaSelected Talk
The international conference of applied mathematics, modeling and computational science AMMCS 2013 concerns more...

24 Jul 2013Jernej F. KamenikFlavour physics: theory
EPS HEP 2013StockholmPlenary Lecture

19 Jul 2013Jernej F. KamenikDark Operators
Invisibles13 WorkshopDurhamInvited Talk

28 Jun 2013Jernej F. KamenikFlavor Constraints on New Physics

28 Jun 2013Bosiljka TadicSelf-Organized Dynamics in Online Chats with Bots: Agent-Based Simulations
Summer Solstice: Discrete Models of Complex SystemsWarsaw, PolandInvited Talk

26 Jun 2013Matej PavsicGeometric spinors, generalized Dirac equation, and mirror symmetry
Third International Conference on Theoretical Physics: Theoretical Physics and its ApplicationsMoscow, RussiaInvited Talk
Scientific Program of the Conference - Foundations of Quantum Mechanics - Quantum Entanglement - Quantum Theory including Quantum Information (Quantum Computers, Quantum Cryptography, Teleportation of Quantum States) - Classical and Quantum Gravitation, Cosmology and Astrophysics - General Physics - Condensed Matter - High Energy Physics - Nuclear Physics - Mathematical Physics more...

18 Jun 2013doc. dr. Rok ZitkoSerija predavanj na temo numericne renormalizacijske grupe
SISSATrstTutorial Lecture
V okviru mreže CECAM (Centre Europeen de Calcul Atomique et Moleculaire) bo imel Rok. Zitko na povabilo prof. M. Fabrizia serijo predavanj o metodi numerična renormalizacijska grupa (NRG).

17 Jun 2013Bosiljka TadicMultilayered structure of online social networks built on emotional dialogs
Department of physics, University of FribourgFribourg, SwitzerlandSeminar

28 May 2013Jernej F. KamenikTop: a SM particle to probe BSM physics
25th Rencontres de BloisBloisPlenary Lecture

21 May 2013Nejc KošnikComplementarity of Bs → μ+μ− and B → Kl+l− decays in New Physics searches
Planck 2013Bonn, NemčijaContributed Talk

14 May 2013Jernej F. KamenikOn lepton flavor universality in B decays
LHCP 2013BarcelonaInvited Talk

7 Feb 2013Jernej F. KamenikTop Physics Beyond the Standard Model
TU MunichMunichSeminar

30 Jan 2013Vladimir GligorijevicPatterns of Online Chats with Emotional Bots: Data Analysis and Agent-Based Simulations
CyberEmotions conferenceWarsaw, PolandSelected Talk

10 Jan 2013Bosiljka TadicMood Modifying Mechanisms in Online Chats and Blogs: Agent-Based Simulations
The 8th International Conference on Computational Physics ICCP8Baptist University, Hong KongContributed Talk

10 Jan 2013Bosiljka TadicAgent-Based Modeling of Web Users
City University of Hong Kong, Centre for Chaos and Complex NetworksCity University, Hong KongSeminar
High-resolution data from Web portals analyzed as nonlinear systems in the physics laboratory provide valuable information about patterns of user activity across different scales from individual user to collective behaviors. It has been recognized that emotion and other user attributes play an important role in the emergence of the collective activity of users. To understand the underlying mechanisms, we use the agent- based modeling approach, where agents with human attributes are communicating on a network. In this seminar, I would like to present the general structure of the agent-based model of Web users at Blogs and Chats, and point out minimal requirements for the agents attributes and the role of related control parameters. The advantages of this approach will be illustrated by several results from simulations with the emphasis on the collective emotional behaviors and type of networks that emerge from agents activity. more...

9 Jan 2013Nejc KošnikDirect CP violation in resonant charm decays
LHCb charm group meetingGeneveInvited Talk

9 Jan 2013Bosiljka Tadic and Jelena ZivkovicDynamic Force Spectroscopy of Soft Molecular Systems: Data Evaluation by Network Theory Approach
The 8th International Conference on Computational Physics ICCP8Baptist University, Hong KongInvited Talk
within Mini-symposium 12: Computational Soft Matter and Biological Physics more...

7 Jan 2013Jernej F. KamenikWhy Flavor Matters at LHC
Max-Planck-Inst. fuer KernphysikHeidelbergSeminar

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10 Oct, 2018 Abroad:
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10 Oct, 2018 Abroad:
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24 Sep, 2018 Abroad:
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