Miha Nemevšek

I am a researcher in the field of high energy particle physics. I am a staff member/senior scientist at the Particle physics group of the Theoretical Physics Department at the Jožef Stefan Institute.

My field is high energy physics, in particular the physics beyond the Standard Model. I am interested in TeV scale physics, potentially observable at the LHC and how certain theories relate collider observables to other phenomena at low energies and/or to cosmology.

The main focus of my research is on theories of neutrino mass and its origin, probing the seesaw mechanism at high and low energies, Left-Right symmetric theories and Grand Unification. I worked on the connection between simple dark matter scenarios with the LHC and the electroweak phase transition.


My inSpire publication record.


Modern Physics for physicists and mathematicians.

Job offers

PhD position starting in 2016; the deadline is 20th June 2016.


Group seminars are held on Thursdays, see the schedule.


e-mail: miha.nemevsek@ijs.si