Prof. Dr. Miha Nemevšek

I am a theoretical particle physicist doing research on particle interactions at high energies and in the early universe. I am a senior research associate at the Particle physics group of the Theoretical Physics Department F-1 at the Jožef Stefan Institute and an associate professor at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, I also teach at the University of Nova Gorica.

My field of interest is high energy physics and cosmology, in particular physics beyond the Standard Model. I am working on TeV scale physics, potentially observable at the LHC and I am interested in determining how such theories relate collider observables to other phenomena at low energies and in the early universe.

The main focus of my research is on theories of neutrino mass origin, probing the seesaw mechanism, Left-Right symmetric theories, dark matter and Grand Unification. I work on the connection between neutrinos, colliders, flavor physics, dark matter, CP violation and first order phase transitions.

We have been working with PhD students Victor Guada and currently Marco Matteini on developing the theoretical basis for false vacuum decay.

I am the PI of the Flamenco project on the Slovenian side, where we work Jonathan Kriewald and collaborators on heavy Majorana neutrino phenomenology, in direct connection with the CMS group in UGent, led by Prof. Didar. I am also the PI of the national ARRS agency grant, where we intend to connect the theory of false vacuum decay, working with Yutaro Shoji and collaborators, with theories of neutrino mass origin and related phenomenology.


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