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July 11- July 13, 2012, University of Galway, Ireland, 4th annual meeting Final annual meeting of the Action will be organized at the University of Galway, Ireland. Local organizer is Petri Piiroinen , contact petri.piiroinen (at) Interested to attend the meeting pls. contact Peter Richmond. INFO by P.Richmond, updated on February 6th 2012.
March 27-29 in the Hebrew University Jerusalem Worg-group meeting organized by Sorin Solomon and Peter Richmond. INFO by P.Richmond, updated on February 6th 2012.
May 18-May 20, 2011, Eindhoven, The Netherlands: 3rd annual meeting Next annual meeting of COST MP0801 and meeting of our Management Committee will be at the European Institute for Statistics, Probability, Stochastic Operations Research and its Applications (EURANDOM) in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The scientific meeting are take place over the period May 18-May 20, 2011. The management committee meeting will be on 19 May 2011 at 4pm. (INFO: P. Richmond, posted 2/7/2010)
TWCS'10 - Turunc Workshop on Complex Systems 2010 Aug 30- Sep 01, 2010 Turunc, Marmaris, Turkey TWCS is a workshop focuses on Social Networks, Topics include: Complex Networks; Dynamics on Networks; Epidemics Spreading; Opinion/Rumor Propagation; Games; Opinion Dynamics; Agent Based Systems Organizer Haluk Bingol. (INFO: H. Bingol, posted 8/4/2010)
TIARS TSCS'10 - Turunc Summer School on Complex Systems 2010, ITAP, Turunc, Marmaris, Turkey TSCS is an introductory course which covers various topics in Complex Systems. It starts with necessary Mathematics and Computational basics. Then focuses on Complex Networks which is an emergent field with promising research possibilities. * Topics: Probability & Stochastic Processes * Statistical Mechanics * Complex Networks * Dynamics on Networks o Epidemics Spreading o Opinion/Rumor Propagation o Games * Agent Based Systems
Organizers: Muhittin Mungan, Haluk Bingol and Tugrul Hakioglu, (INFO: H. Bingol, posted 8/4/2010)
Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, May 26-29, 2010: 2nd annual meeting 2nd Annual meetingof our COST Action MP0801 will be in Bulgaria. The full details are yet to be settled but we plan to hold the meeting within a three day period during the week of May 24-30 2010 in Esperanto Hotel located on the Black Sea coast, link Esperanto_Hotel
Members will be able to claim reimbursement solely for the period of the meeting. However the hotel which is very reasonably priced offers both 5 and 7 day packages and colleagues might like to combine the visit with a short holiday.
MC member Oleg Yordanov is currently resolving local issues and we shall communicate more details as they become available, in the meantime you might like to note these dates in your diary. (INFO by P. Richmond; updated 31/08/09)
"Processes on Networks: Hunting for Universality in Social, Economical and Biological Networks", Science of Complex Systems, Medical University of Vienna
March 10-12 2010
WG3: Networks meeting, organized by Stefan Thurner A; The workshop is intended to be a highly interactive meeting of active researchers in the fields of networks, network dynamics, and dynamics on networks. The aim is to identify common problems arising in economical, social and biological contexts. The workshop will give room for extended discussions besides a series of presentations. .
Confirmed invited speakers include: Z* Burda, Janos Kertez, Renaud Lambiotte, Vito Latora, Tiziana di Matteo, Paul Ormerod, Peter Richmond, Geoff Rodgers, Frank Schweitzer, Michael Szell, Bosiljka Tadic, Stefan Thurner, Caroline Wiesner, and others. (INFO by S.Thurner; updated 07/01/10)
Amsterdam, 6-9 October 2009 WG1 Modelling science , Local organizer Andrea Scharnhorst NL: This meeting will form an essential element of an international workshop concerned wit Modeling science with high-level experts from Europe and the US organized by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences,in particular by the Science System Assessment group of the Rathenau Institute, the Virtual Knowledge Studio for Humanities and Social Sciences (Dr. Andrea Scharnhorst together with the Cyberinfrastructure for Network Science Center of Indiana Bloomington US. (INFO by P. Richmond; updated 25/07/09)
Leeds, 14-15 July 2009 WG1 Evolution of religious belief in society 2, Local organizer Marcel Ausloos BE: A satellite session within the International Medieval Congress (IMC2009) Themes: 1 Network approaches to conversion, persecution, and percolation; 2 Belief networks; 3 Discussion session; (INFO by P. Richmond; updated 11/07/09)
Bremen, 2-4 July 2009 WG1: Emotional processes in cyberspace, Local organizer Janusz Holyst PL: Joint meeting with EC project CYBEREMOTIONS (FP7, ICT FET, 231323) (INFO by P. Richmond; updated 11/07/09)
ETH Zurich, June 8-13, 2009 COST Action MP0801 "Physics of Competition and Conflicts", is organizing a session on Extreme events in agent-based socio-economic models10-11 June 2009, within the International Workshop Coping with Crises in Complex Socio-Economic Systems more ...(INFO by Ch. Deissenberg, posted 4/12/08) Local organizer Christophe Deissenburg FR:
The WG5 of COST Action has promoted a special session entitled Modelling interdependency between Technological and Human Systems under Crisis Scenarios on June 9-10 2009 within the International Conference on "Coping with Crises in Complex Socio-Economic Systems" Call for Papers details... (INFO by Vittorio Rosato, posted 14/12/08); Local organizer Vittorio Rosato IT:
Topics covered included: assessment of dynamical correlations among traffic agents; robustness of networks under failure of nodes; analysis of GPS traffic tracking systems; risk assessment of critical infrastructures located in regions subject to geological disturbance; management of floods. (INFO by P. Richmond; updated 11/07/09)
Rome, 27 - 30 May 2009 The first annual meeting of the COST Action MP0801 "Physics of Competition and Conflict" will take place in Rome on from Wednesday 27 through to Saturday 30 May 2009. The Web page of the conference. Local organizer Giulia Rotundo IT: (INFO by G. Rotundo; posted 4/1/2/08 ); This meeting was linked to NET2009 being held simultaneously in Rome. A total of 87 scientists from 26 countries attended. A key innovation was a poster competition in which 22 early stage researchers participated. Of the 87 participants, 12 were female. (INFO by P. Richmond; updated 11/07/09)
Durham, April 15-17 2009 WG4: Anthropology and physics: prospects and challenges, Local organizer Alex Bentley UK: How far can the social atom be used to illuminate anthropological questions? How parsimonious can models be in this context? How can models be validated in areas such as anthropology where data is by definition sparse and noisy? These questions were stimulated via a number of papers spanning a number of papers including evolution of opinions in a French context; studies of massive data base data for social networks across mobile phone networks; emergence within biological anthropological models of cultural ‘founder’ effects amplified by population growth into strongly demarcated differences between cultural groups with initially weak cultural bias in human migration. (INFO by P. Richmond; updated 11/07/09)
Paderborn, February 2-4 2009 WG1: Evolution of religious belief in society, Local organizer Juergen Mimkes DE: Central focus was, modelling religious belief as a ‘degree of freedom’ of an agent on a human genre network. The meeting provided a new and important bridge with academic historians who perceived new perspectives and methodologies that could advance insights. Thermodynamics as well as statistical physics were shown to provide new routes to the understanding of evolution of religious beliefs common to all societies. A similarity to the growth of firms was noted in the case of the Mormon Church. (INFO by P. Richmond; updated 11/07/09)
Madrid, January 26-28 2009 WG4: Relevance of evolutionary paradigms to describe socio-economic phenomena , Local organizer Anxo Sanchez ES: Topics discussed included models of co-evolution of populations and opinions; modelling of social networks from field data; co-evolution of networks and strategies in social dilemmas; migratory phenomena and their relation to emergence of cooperative behaviour; stability of ecosystems of firms. (INFO by P. Richmond; updated 11/07/09)
Brussels, September 22, 2008 Kick-off meeting of COST Action MP0801 "Physics of Competition and Conflict" (INFO by P. Richmond, posted 4/12/08)
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