Gregor Skacej and I have written a book of solved problems in thermodynamics. Topics covered span the standard advanced undergraduate course for physics students:

  • equation of state
  • 1st law of thermodynamics
  • 2nd law of thermodynamics
  • thermodynamic potentials
  • phase transitions
  • mixtures and solutions
  • transport phenomena

The book includes exactly 100 problems. Take a peek:

Second, corrected printing now available!

We also wrote a book of solved problems in statistical physics. Most of the problems are on advanced undergraduate level but some are a little bit more complex. Contents:

  • classical canonical distribution
  • equation of state
  • entropy
  • quantum canonical distribution
  • grand canonical distribution
  • kinetic theory of gases


We will be very happy to hear what you think about the books. Let us know if you find an error; the two dedicated repositories are here and here.