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Postdoc position We invite applications for PostDoc position in the condensed matter theory group. The positions are for 1 (+1) or 2 (+1) years, depending on the arrangements.
Electronic transport
The subject of research is electronic transport in realistic material setting and in cold-atom setting. The questions range from the more theoretically oriented ones, such as the influence of the vertex-corrections and the development of analytical diagramatic approximations to efficiently evaluated them, via model numerical tasks such as evaluations of transport quantities with DMFT and extensions for models, to applied consequences, such as evaluation of transport within LDA+DMFT for realistic materials, such as Hund's metals, candidate thermoelectric materials, excitonic insulators, iron under Earth's core conditions of relevance for geophysics, to name a few examples.
The candidate should have a background in numerical and/or analytical many-body approaches. Knowledge in ab-initio density functional theory approaches is also welcome. The candidates should send the CV, a statement of research interests and two reccomendation letters to Jernej Mravlje. (jernej.mravlje at
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