Networks: Theory & Applications

Workshop in the International Conference on Computational Science ICCS 2007

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ICCS 2007
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Dates: May 27-30, 2007
Location: Beijing, China
Subject area: Statistical Physics, Numerical Modeling
Topic: Complex Networks


As a follow-up of the workshop Networks: Structure & Dynamics within ICCS 2006, this workshop will concentrate on current directions of network research primarily by the methods of nonequilibrium statistical physics and graph theory. In particular, the focus will be on numerical approaches to:


  • Fundamental problems in network theory;
  • Network's structural characteristics beyond connectivity;
  • Applications of networks to soft-matter physics, bioinformatics and other areas.
Limited Number of participants!


Workshop Organizers:

Bosiljka Tadic
Theoretical Physics Department
J. Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Phone: +38614773767
Stefan Thurner
Complex Systems Research Group
Medical University Vienna, Austria
Phone: +431 404002099
: ...













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