Meet the physicists!

In an attempt to help undergraduate physics students at the University of Ljubljana decide what they wanted to do after they graduate, we organized meetings with alumni who presented their professional careers and their work. Topics discussed by the alumni were

  • what jobs and positions did they hold, what additional education or qualifications did they obtain after their B.S. and why, and how important physics is for their work;
  • a more detailed description of their present job and how it is related to physics;
  • in retrospect, whether they think studying physics was a good decision, what knowledge mastered and skills acquired do they find especially useful at their work, and what are their suggestions concerning the curriculum.

A majority of guests during the period 2002-2012 hold a B.S. in physics but their graduate degrees may be in other sciences, engineering, economics, etc. This extracurricular program consisted of about 5 meetings per year, with typically 3 alumni per meeting.

dr. Janez Pirs explains the construction of the automatic liquid-crystalline filter used in Balder welding helmets

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