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The main research topics are:

The research is carried out as part of the research program "The theory of nuclei, elementary particles and fields" (P0-0517-0106), of the Slovenian Agency for Research and Development project J1-6545: "High performance computing algorithms in theoretical physics" (2004 - 2007), and the Slovenia-Israel exchange program of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology , and in collaboration with the Racah Institute of Physics of the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

I was chairman of the Organizing Committee of the XVIII European Conference on Few-Body Problems in Physics (8-14 September 2002, Bled, Slovenia)

I wrote a simulation program to resolve the 2004 accident of SAF Pilatus PC-9. I gave talks at aeronautical meetings e.g. at the 2010 Annual Scientific Meeting (link no longer working, see local copy (PDF)) of the Aerospace Medical Association in Phoenix, Arizona; at the SASMA Annual "POTOČNIK & RUSJAN" Memorial Days (no links anymore at the SASMA site). I am permanent member of the Military Aircraft Accident Investigation Board of the Slovenian MOD and served as expert on the civilian Aircraft Accident Investigation Board.

I stumbled across a widespread misquoting of Thucydides' History of the Peloponnesian War resulting in unrealistic assumed sustained speed (usually referred to as "The Mytilene dash") of the trireme used in suppression of the Mytilene, Lesbos revolt of 427 BC, during the war: Rowing Times from Athens to Mytilene: implications of misreading Thucydides for 5th-century Greek trireme speed (Int. Journal of Nautical Archaeology 45, 199-201 (2016); local copy). The adjusted speed also agrees with experiments on the reconstructed 170-oared trireme "Olympias", of the kind used in the battle of Salamis, now at the Hellenic Navy Naval Tradition Park in Nea Faliro, Athens.

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Popular articles, lectures

Problem treh teles - od Newtonovega glavobola do nanotehnologije (; Delo Znanost, 7. oktober 2002); PDF (without figure)

Svetovno leto fizike: POMEN EINSTEINOVIH ODKRITIJ (Mestni muzej Idrija, Muzejski večeri, 18. oktober 2005).
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"Računalniška simulacija je pokazala, da pilot ni ukrepal". Interview, Delo/Znanost (Ljubljana), 2006/02/02 (vol. 48, t. 10, p. 25).

Leteča brata Rusjan/The Flying Rusjan Brothers (search for: "brata Rusjan"), part documentary movie about the first Slovenian flyer (directed by Boris Palčič and produced by Casablanca d.o.o.), including my explanations and simulation of the final minute of Rusjan's flight before the accident in Belgrade in 1911. Despite a number of popular books written about this, to my knowledge my simulation was the first work ever using actual archived wind data from 1911, kindly extracted for me by Dr. Smilja Djordjevic of the Republic Hydrometeorological Service of Serbia. Aired on National TV of Slovenia on 2009/02/24, and January 2017.


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