Higher-Order Topology & Dynamics in Complex Networks
Satellite Symposium within NetSci2022

11 July & 13 July, 2022 ONLINE


Hosted by The NetSci 2022 Conference, this Satellite Symposium aims to stimulate discussions towards an in-depth understanding of higher-order connectivity in emergent functional properties of complex systems by covering recent developments in the field.

Recent studies have revealed that networks representing complex systems across the scales, from the brain to large-scale social dynamics, possess higher-order architecture supporting the network’s function. Formally, this hidden structure is described within the algebraic topology techniques, such as aggregates of simplexes (triangles, tetrahedrons, and higher cliques). This Satellite Symposium will bring together researchers investigating the higher-order topology and dynamics of complex systems, including theoretical and numerical aspects and data-driven modelling. The focus is on questions revealing the interplay between topology and dynamics:
  • How do higher-order structures support the dynamics and contribute to the emergent functional features in various complex systems?
  • How may different topologies arise representing geometrical features of different nonlinear processes?
ORGANIZERS: Neelima Gupte, Marija Mitrovic Dankulov, Bosiljka Tadic

Contact Information

Email: Bosiljka Tadic
Link: www-f1.ijs.si/~tadic/NetSci22_ssHOTDyn
Department of Theoretical Physics
Jozef Stefan Institute; Ljubljana/Slovenia

Contact Information

Email: Neelima Gupte
Department of Physics
Indian Institute of Technology Madras; Chennai/India
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